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A clinical team dedicated to resolving barriers to your recovery. 

Agency Description

Center for Disordered Eating & Human Sexuality: Specializing in the treatment of Trauma Initiated Compulsivity & Behavioral Dependencies

 Our licensed psychotherapists utilize DBT, CBT, EMDR, ACT, and 12-step approaches to effectively treat trauma and restore relationships. 


Resolve Strategies' services include: assessments, intakes, individual therapy, couples therapy, psychoeducation, and group therapy for adults and adolescents. In addition, Trauma Recovery and Relationship Intensives are offered as an aggressive treatment approach, addressing adverse childhood experiences, ingrained maladaptive behaviors and/or addictions, and dysfunctional relationships.


We do not accept health insurance and, as a result, offer reduced rates for our services. If you currently carry private insurance and would like to submit paperwork in an attempt to attain reimbursed for services from your insurance company, a superbill (a detailed list of services with billing codes) can be provided to you for an additional fee.

For additional information on process addictions, trauma induced disordered eating, and sexual disorders click here! 

Watch Our Quick Video About Resolve Strategies 

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