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Intakes and Assessments 

Individual, Couples & Family Therapy


Group Therapy

Please note, any notes recorded by the clinician is the sole property of Resolve Strategies, Inc. and the contracted clinician. They are not available for release to the client or any third party. Any requests will be denied. It is our practice to release Superbills and Summary of Services ONLY (with a signed ROI). 

Service Descriptions

Sexual Health & Healing Track 

The Sexual Health & Healing Track focuses on the specific needs of the sexual compulsive and betrayed partners in their first year of recovery. We have professionally curated service bundles at a reduced rate to ensure all aspects of the recovery process are carefully considered every step of the way to provide the optimal recovery experience at the appropriate level of care. Our specialized programming is designed to take an individual and their partner from discovery and denial through to Recovery and Recommitment. Like ALL addiction/dysfunction this becomes a family disease that impacts not just most aspects of the individual’s life, but also the lives (Health & Wellbeing) of those who love them. We want to walk with you on your journey to Recovery, Self-Discovery, & Renewal.    

Mood and Food Track

The Mood & Food Track focuses on the specific needs of individuals that engage in compulsive behaviors around food. Addressing the root of these behaviors requires that clients learn distress tolerance and emotion regulation skills to cope with uncomfortable and intolerable emotions rather than distracting and suppressing. Additionally, we find that many of these compulsive behaviors are initiated by trauma and/or adverse childhood experiences. We recommend that clients process these experiences through individual therapy and learn the relevant skills to cope in group therapy. Resolve offers a professionally curated service bundle at a reduced rate to ensure all aspects of the recovery process are carefully considered. Our program is designed to guide an individual from taking a backseat role in their mental health to the driver’s seat on the road to recovery. 

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