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Intakes will be completed for any/all outpatient services or intensives. Intakes can be completed onsite or virtually by appointment only.


Intakes are important and is the first step in the process of recovery/treatment. This appointment is similar to other medical appointments. Intakes will take about 55-60 minutes, so be sure to arrive to your appointment on time. Please bring the following items to your intake appointment: two forms of ID (photo and major credit card), a list of all the medications you are currently taking, and a list of any previous mental health and behavioral health service providers and contact information. Intake appointments will cost $200.00. To schedule an intake, call or text us at 912-507-8576. 


Assessments will be conducted by appointment only and are a one time service. Assessments allow counselors to identify and assess an individual’s presenting problem(s) and intervene with the appropriate treatment(s) that addresses the individual’s needs. Assessments can be scheduled independently upon referral by 3rd party. Resolve Strategies will provide reports and recommendations to accompany your one-time evaluation. The cost of the assessment alone will cost $200.00. To schedule an assessment, call or text us at 912-507-8576.  

Assessments: substance abuse

                          process addiction

                          eating disorder 

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