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What is a TASK Group?

At Resolve Strategies, our clinicians have adopted the research-based 30-Task Model into their practice. This Model has proven to be effective for achieving long-term recovery, trauma resolution and restoration. The Model was developed by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., a leading researcher in the field of addiction, particularly sex addiction. He was determined to find a solution to the hopeless repetition and never-ending cycle of addiction he saw. Patrick's daughter, Stefanie Carnes, PhD, leading expert in families and betrayed partners struggling with multiple addictions developed a TASK model for partners of sex addicts to help them move from heartbreak and betrayal to hope and healing. 


Dr. Carnes and his fellow researchers identified 30 Areas of Competency that make for successful recovery. These competencies are necessary to address all aspects of trauma and addiction. The occurrence of relapse into old patterns of behavior results from the failure to use these competencies. 


Each Competency is marked by Recovery Tasks. Through the completion of these Tasks,

the individual and partners learn the skills to achieve long-term recovery. Each task is associated with a specific set of performables that Dr. Carnes and his team broke into assignments

that are completed by individuals and partners to further their mastery of the 30 Core

Competencies of Recovery and Re-integration. 


Initially designed with the sex addict in mind, research has shown to be highly effective in treating co-occurring addictions and trauma. To avoid the cycle of relapse, Dr. Carnes and his associates developed a treatment program that makes recovery both attainable and long-lasting.

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